Our Products

Our platforms serve as medical broadcasting stations, providing HCPs with the latest developments, research, drug approvals, medical conferences and symposia from top international medical societies, research centers, life sciences companies as well as live announcements from the CDC, WHO, FDA, NIH and HHS within seconds of publication.
Our apps have a user-friendly interface, allowing HCPs to access short news from multi-sources with a simple click on their smart mobile device, while at the same time connecting HCPs to the original published articles for full reading and reference.

IMCn - Internation Medical Chain Network

For the latest updates in the therapeutic fields, IMCN brings you medical developments by the hour. Get in-depth feature stories from international sources, expert opinions and more.

Rheuma tube

Developed to give you news, opinions and meeting coverage in rheumatology, to stay up to date on the latest developments in this field.

PreVision Pro

Coverage of major health stories, the latest health topics across all medical disciplines. Explore up to the minute global health news and publications.

Transplant Tube

Receive the latest information, studies and research about transplant from top sources in collaboration with ESOT.

HcP Vision

Provides news, articles, guidelines and updates to keep health care professionals connected with current medical content.

Pharmacist Gate

Delivers relevant and practical information, articles, studies and research for clinical pharmacists everywhere.

Advanced Prevision Pro

Advanced Prevision Pro Keeps HCPs connected providing medical updates directly to their mobiles and tablets from more than 110 countries worldwide wild connecting doctors to more than 3,000 medical resources


Health care practitioners can now stay in touch with the latest medical discoveries and curated collections of news, articles, live updates, webinars and regulations.


Reports on updates in the oncology field with the latest information on diagnosing, treating and managing oncological conditions.


A digital broadcasting channel focusing on oncology. Here, practitioners can join world-renowned medical webinars discussing the latest in treatments and receive expert opinions.

Complete Derm

Enter the world of dermatology with a platform that brings you current news, research and exclusive interviews and webinars on dermatology issues.

Beyond Obesity

Stay in touch with the current obesity facts, guidelines, medical research and webinars discussing in-depth studies.


News with a focus on a multitude of medical fields, geared towards health care professionals who seek trustworthy information from international medical organizations across the globe.


Find all the latest pediatric nutrition news, articles, research, latest guidelines, webinars and more on your mobile at your convenience.

Heart Failure

Provides news, articles, guidelines, congresses and case reports in heart failure to keep health care professionals connected with current medical content.