USPSTF Recommends Osteoporosis Screening for Women Aged 65 Years and Older

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommends screening for osteoporosis for women aged 65 years and older and for postmenopausal women younger than 65 years with one or more risk factors. These recommendations form the basis of a draft recommendation statement published online June 11.

Researchers reviewed the evidence from 138 studies reporting trials or systematic reviews that assessed the benefits or harms of screening in adults without known osteoporosis or medical conditions associated with bone metabolism compared with no screening or usual care. Three randomized controlled trials and two systematic reviews reported on the direct benefits of screening in European women (median age, 71 to 76 years). The researchers found that screening was associated with a reduced risk for hip fractures and major osteoporotic fractures compared with usual care across trials (pooled relative risks, 0.83 and 0.94, respectively). The corresponding absolute risk differences were five and six fewer fractures per 1,000 participants.

Source: Advances and More licensed by HealthDay