Reporting from the USA: Pancreas Volume Predicts Progression to Stage 3 Type 1 Diabetes

Measures of pancreas volume and metabolism can predict progression to stage 3 type 1 diabetes, according to a study published online Dec. 27 in Diabetes Care.

John Virostko, Ph.D., from the University of Texas at Austin, and colleagues conducted a multicenter prospective cohort study to compare pancreas volume as assessed by magnetic resonance imaging, metabolic scores derived from oral glucose tolerance testing (OGTT), and a combination of pancreas volume and metabolic scores for predicting progression to stage 3 type 1 diabetes in 65 multiple diabetes-related, autoantibody-positive participants. The pancreas volume index (PVI), OGTT-derived Index60 score, Diabetes Prevention Trial-Type 1 Risk Score (DPTRS), and a combination of PVI and DPTRS were used to assess progression to stage 3 type 1 diabetes.

Source: Advances and More licensed by HealthDay