Broadcasting from Denmark: Ten Variants Suggest Link to Surgical, Nonsurgical Rhizarthrosis

Ten variants have been identified that are suggestive of an association with surgical or nonsurgical rhizarthrosis, according to a study published online Jan. 24 in the Journal of Orthopedic Research.

Cecilie Henkel, Ph.D., from Copenhagen University Hospital Hvidovre in Denmark, and colleagues conducted a case-control genome-wide association study using individuals from the Copenhagen Hospital Biobank pain and degenerative musculoskeletal disease study and the Danish Blood Donor Study. Patients with rhizarthrosis were identified and grouped by treatment status; data were included for 1,083 surgical patients and 1,888 nonsurgical patients. The case groups were tested against osteoarthritis-free controls from two genome-wide association studies. Variants suggestive of association in either of these analyses were compared between treatment groups.

Source: Advances and More licensed by HealthDay