AACR: Exosome-Based miRNA Assay Can Detect Pancreatic Cancer

An exosome-based liquid biopsy assay can distinguish patients with pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) from healthy donors (HDs), according to a study presented at the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research, held from April 5 to 10 in San Diego.

Caiming Xu, M.D., Ph.D., from the Beckman Research Institute of The City of Hope in Monrovia, California, and colleagues performed a real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction-based assay using the plasma biospecimen from four prospective cohorts. The performance of the microRNA (miRNA) signature was also examined in conjunction with plasma CA19-9 for detecting early-stage PDAC.

Source: Advances and More licensed by HealthDay